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Cassie Maple Products 


Welcomes you to the world of maple syrup! A natural and nutritious sweetener. 

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Our passion for this truly Canadian product has developed into a small family business over the past 25 years. It all began when our two sons became involved in the local 4-H Maple Syrup Club. 

We now offer a wide-range of maple products for sale and for fundraising!

We are located in Wellington County just south of Elora and Fergus. Find us on the map

When driving past our farm you will see the maple orchard we planted in 2011. This is a legacy to our family to be appreciated years from now as a viable sugar bush. 

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How our products are made

How Cassie Maple Products are made

We take great pride in providing a high quality maple product with close attention to food safety standards outlined by the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers' Association Best Practices Manual. 

All of our maple syrup is hot-packed into sterilized containers in various sizes ranging from 50 ml to 1 Litre bottles. 

Attention to every detail is important to us. This includes extra filtering for a clearer product, labeling and beautiful assembly of our gift items which you will be proud to give for any occasion. 

Autumn Leaves
The Sweetest Gifts

Our large selection of value-added maple products add a special touch to our customized all-maple gift baskets, maple bowls, maple mugs and gift bags. 

You can find a selection of Cassie Maple Products at:  

Fraberts Fresh Food

Geddes Street Market, Elora

Market Pantry, Elora

Belwood Country Market and

Blinkhorn Variety.

Browse through our product gallery to see what maple items Cassie Maple has to offer. 


Doug and Cecilia Cassie

*Maple grades and colour classes have changed since photo.

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